Katolickie Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Romualda Traugutta

Katolickie Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Romualda Traugutta



The Catholic School Community consists of Catholic Primary School, Catholic Junior High and Catholic High School. Additionally, since school year 2010/2011 there has also been a kindergarten.

Our pupils have the possibility to work at a broadband-equipped computer lab. They also have access to innovative educational methods (working with a camera, dictaphone, etc.). The library is another important place in our school. Apart from those, we offer regular activities at the swimming pool as well as in the school's gym.

Moreover, the pupils of Catholic Schools are fostered in developing their own interests, yet continuously the school tries to update its educational offer. Therefore, in order to provide solid preparation for continuing education on higher level, we work according to extended program of language-learing, Latin and philosophy. We also do our best in catering for the young people’s needs as far as meeting interesting personalities is concerned. These include politicians, scientists, publicists and last but not least clergymen.




In 1991 Mrs Marianna Ziarno and Father Jarosław Kazimierczak got absorbed by an idea to create Catholic High School. Owing to their efforts, with the decision of Minister of Education Socio-Catholic High School was established at 1 Grunwaldzka Street in Chojnice. Mrs M. Ziarno became the headmistress of “the Catholic”, and Father J. Kazimierczak became the head priest of the school. The preliminary exams were held during May and June 1991. 40 pupils were successful which was enough to make the first two High School groups. The inauguration of the first year took place on September 1, 1991. The school follows the principals of faith and patriotism. On that account in September 1994 Romuald Traugutt was chosen the school’s patron. Ever since that event, the official school’s name is Catholic High School of Romuald Traugutt in Chojnice. The school was entrusted to Mary’s Immaculate and St. Maksymilan’s care and December 8th became the official school’s holiday. The premises of the school are at the post-Augustinian building.





The staff consists of almost 40 young, energetic and ambitious teachers. In “the Catholic” the teachers try to use mostly individualized teaching methods. Each teacher cares for the nicest possible classroom atmosphere, yet sticking to remaining professional at work. The staff help each pupil, trying to cater for both the most in-need ones as well as the most talented ones. Whenever necessary, they devote their own free time for special-interest groups, pioneer projects and many other educational workshops. The pupils can always count on help as well as the heads’ and teachers’ support. Finally, the school’s pedagogue and psychologist remain particularly open on pupils’ issues.



The Catholic High School in Chojnice is one of the best of the region for, amongst other factors, the comfort of learning which is achieved by not numerous groups. In such a small school it is much easier to create the atmosphere of courtesy and respect for others. Many visitors to our school value the family-like atmosphere and the feeling of being appreciated. In our school we provide additional electives which – quite often – are organized in groups of two or three. Specifically-oriented electives from such subjects as philosophy or history of arts are usually carried out for individual students, who wish to take the abovementioned subjects at their matura (the school leaving exam).



Our school’s timetable entails subjects which are uncommon to come across in other schools, for instance, philosophy, dance, Latin or Spanish. At philosophy the students learn logical thinking, they get to know its history, as well as search for the truth about reality surrounding them. They learn how to justify things and express their own worldview. Secondly, the dance lessons are a great pleasure as well. The skills learnt at those lessons are then used during various events and festivals held at school, such as carnival balls, discos, etc. It is commonly known that our school’s well known for languages. English and German are taught at extended levels. Every good humanist and linguist needs classical background to his knowledge. Therefore, Latin turns out to be inevitable to polish the basics of grammar and lexical etymology. Through this subject the school tries to convey virtues (most often in the form of Latin sayings), which are utterly necessary for a proper character building. All the subjects develop the students’ personality, yet broadening their vocabulary, shaping the viewpoints and moreover they are useful for their chosen studies later on. In the future, potential employers will acknowledge all those as a signal of dealing with a well-educated individual.





School’s choir is what we are really proud of. It accompanies national and church holidays both at school and also on the regional scale. The choir was numerously credited with the best awards in various contests including those of national importance. Ever since 2009 it boasts its first disc.



Our community has been present for years at the World Youth Day meetings. We all feel the need to participate in these unusual events as they are an opportunity to meet the Pope, pray eagerly, and deepen faith and unity with the Church, as well as to visit lots of interesting places, meet exotic cultures, and make new friends. So far the school has taken part in the meetings in Paris, Rome, Toronto, Cologne, and Sydney. In 2011 the school is going to take part in this event one more time. This time, however, the choir and Franciscans of Mary community are also preparing to partake WYD in Madrid.





The school would be nothing without school trips. We try to organize trips, both to near as well as distant places on regular basis. We want each such expedition to be an experience-loaded pastime opportunity. Every year school trips and class camps are organized. A trip to Italy has become school’s tradition, additionally conjoined with an audience with the Pope. Recently, we invited our pupils to follow Mickiewicz’s trait in Lithuania. Moreover, regular day trips to the theater, cinema, opera or concert halls are also of great interest for our pupils.





Our students take part in various subject competitions at region, province and central levels. We can boast finalists at many subjects including ecology, theology, Polish and mathematics. It is an honor for us to find our graduate the best student of Medical University in Gdańsk, or the fact that our student was granted a prestigious scholarship for young, talented scientists at his chosen German university. It is also nice to hear opinions from university lecturers that it’s “the Catholic” of Chojnice which gives its students proper content-based preparation for future successes yet to come. High language-learning level allows our students to take language certificates (FCE, CAE) at English, and (DaF, ZMP, ZOP) at German. Finally, last but not least, it is worth mentioning sports achievements as well.



A lot of pupils have already finished “the Catholic”. The ones who didn’t continue their education are only just a few. The majority of our pupils can perfectly cope with studies at higher level. The most favorite ones are naturally the most prestigious universities: University of Kraków, University of Warszawa, Catholic University of Lublin, University of Poznań, University of Toruń, Medical Academy in Gdańsk, as well as Higher Trading School in Warszawa. Moreover, our pupils continue their education abroad. The most popular studies include law, economics, journalism, foreign philology, information technology, philosophy. We are also represented by our students being lecturers or scientists at higher schools. It is also very motivating that the ones who have already finished still, whenever possible, come in to visit the school to talk to teachers and share their successes. Some of them come back to take their post on the other side – as teachers. All that is very satisfying.